ALL 5 E-books in the series for ONLY £9.99 ! £18.99

All 5 E-books in the Award Winning, children empowering

Mindful Mia series for ONLY £9.99 ! £18.99

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A fun read, a tool for life, a hidden object game and a coloring book – All in one book!

Conveying topics like Diversity & Inclusion, Racism, Discrimination, Prejudice in a creative rhyming story which kids and adults can relate to and discuss.

“You’re fat! You’re a small baby! You sound weird!”
I bet i can find something about you that’s different!

Don’t let your child deal with this alone!

Whether it’s your size, weight, color, voice, the way you walk or even how you giggle and snort. We’re all somehow different, but kids can be mean and know how to trigger those pain points!

These stories and the tools Mia is taught may be applied to any day to day scenario in life.

Rated by parents, teachers, psychologists and kids(!) worldwide as one of the best indie children’s book series to ever have been published!

Here are just a few of the practical tools this Award Winning book series provides:

+ boost confidence
+ increase self-esteem
+ create self motivation
+ creative thinking
+ growth mindset
+ acceptance
…and more !

The Mindful Mia book series is Ideal for children ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Short Or Tall Doesn’t Matter At All is the first book in Mindful Mia- a series of books that reflect growth mindset, gentle parenting and nurture universal values that inspire and empower kids. This series is perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, first grade and second grade as they advance from early readers to intermediate readers.

Grab this empowering book series for you and the ones you care about and give them an advantage in life!

Readers and fans of books from authors like Jay Miletsky (Ricky the Rock that Couldn’t Roll), Diane Alber (I’m NOT Just a Scribble), Laurie Wright (Mindful Mantras) and Steve Herman (Train Your Dragon), Jacquelyn Stagg (Starts With You), Michael Gordon (The Angry Dragon) and Sigal Adler (I Don’t Want To Sleep) – will LOVE this series

Here’s what readers are already saying about this amazing picture book:

(5*)- “I’ve read several indie children’s books already and come across some really bad or mediocre illustrations. However, not this one! The illustrations in this are really beautiful, they capture what is being said perfectly. These illustrations give life to the story!” – Nikki

(5*)- “Asaf has a very clever way of writing these stories without the child realizing that”

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